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What is Felted soap?


Felted soap is soap wrapped in wool fibers called roving that are then dipped in hot water and massaged until the fibers become matted together creating a thick felt covering.


Felted soap provides a light exfoliating wrap, and is a natural wicking material that will help your soap last longer as long as it is not left in a puddle of water in between use. It will shrink with the soap and you will be left with a felt pad that can be used as a facial buff, a cleaning buff for your sink etc, place drops of essential oils to create a sachet to keep in clothing drawers or as a room freshener. The key to getting your soap to lather up is to submerge it in warm to hot water and massage it for several seconds.


Wool felting is the oldest known form of fabric making predating weaving and knitting. There are several types; wet, needle, nuno and carroting. Wool fibers have small "scales" that become entangled with one another with the combination of heat, moisture (water), and friction. This process causes the wool fibers to become matted into a dense mat. It is believed by some that this was discovered by placing wool fleece fibers in shoes for warmth. As the fleece was walked on, the heat, sweet and friction matted the wool into a solid dense material.



What is Felted Soap

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